Discover Your Nevada FAQS


What is Discover Your Nevada?

Discover Your Nevada is an annual campaign designed by the Nevada Division of Tourism (TravelNevada) to stimulate in-state travel among Nevadans. The national average for in-state travel is 51 percent. However, Nevada’s in-state travel is only 6.7 percent, meaning that most Nevadans are traveling out of state for their weekend getaways and vacations.

This year’s campaign will feature six road-trip routes. When travelers drive these routes and “check in” anywhere on each route via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #DiscoverNV17 and posting a photo or tip for that location, they will earn $1 for the Field Trip Fund. Each traveler could earn up to $6 for the fund by traveling each of the six routes.

Who is running this campaign?

This is a campaign designed and executed by TravelNevada. This year TravelNevada partnered with the Nevada Department of Education to incorporate Nevada schools into the program.

What is the Field Trip Fund?

This is a budget created and managed by TravelNevada. For every valid social-media check-in on the approved routes between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, TravelNevada will add $1 to the fund. The fund will max out at $15,000.

How will the fund be awarded?

The Nevada Department of Education will conduct an essay contest open to eighth-grade students in Nevada. The essay topic will be determined by the Department of Education and will be related to travel. The writer of the winning essay will be awarded a field trip in Nevada to be scheduled toward the end of the 2017-18 school year. Depending on how much money has been generated during the travel period, the fund may be used to host the winning student’s entire class on a field trip.

Why eighth-graders?

In partnership with the Nevada Department of Education, TravelNevada decided that the essay contest must be among similar-aged students. It wouldn’t be fair to pit a fourth-grader against an eighth-grader in the same contest. Because the prize is a multi-day trip in Nevada, TravelNevada is limiting it to older students. Eighth grade is a big year, and a year-end trip is a great capstone to a student’s middle school education.

What is the campaign travel period?

The valid travel period to earn money toward the Field Trip Fund is Monday, May 1, 2017, through Monday, September 4, 2017.

How do I “check in”?

Travelers must check in at the approved check-in locations identified in the routes on the Discover Your Nevada website. There are six routes and each has one check-in location. We understand that cell service is not guaranteed in each of these locations, and will accept nearby check-ins if the spirit of the campaign is maintained. Check-ins must be on either Twitter or Instagram. Instagram and Twitter users must include the hashtag #DiscoverNV17. All check-ins must also include either a photo of the location or a travel tip related to the location. The purpose of this is to use each check-in as inspiration and education for fellow travelers.

Can I check in on each social media platform and earn $3 for each check-in?

TravelNevada encourages posting on multiple platforms, but that will not create duplicate check-ins toward the Field Trip Fund. TravelNevada will monitor each check-in on each platform for duplicates and will count each individual’s check-in only once. If you want to generate more money for the fund, grab some friends and make a party out of it. Each person in the group can check-in. Tackle more than one route and generate even more money for the fund. But, no, your single check-in that happens to be posted to Facebook, Instagram AND Twitter won’t count as three separate check-ins.

What if I just took a road trip to one of these places? Do I have to go again?

No. TravelNevada cannot require Nevadans to travel and spend their time and money to participate in this campaign. Check-ins can be done remotely whether or not you traveled to the location, but must still include the required hashtag and photo or travel tip.


The Loneliest Road in America – Carson City to Ely with a spur to Great Basin National Park Check-in location: Anywhere along the route

NV 95: Free-Range Art – Las Vegas to Tonopah via Highway 95 with a detour to the Seven Magic Mountains art installation on Interstate 15 Check-in location: Anywhere along the route

Burner Byway – Reno to the Black Rock Desert Check-in location: Guru Road, near Gerlach

The Extraterrestrial Highway – State Route 375 Check-in location: Anywhere along the route

The Rubies Route – the Lamoille Scenic Byway via state routes 227 and 229 Check-in location: Anywhere along the route

Great Basin Highway – U.S. Highway 93 from Las Vegas to Ely with a focus on state parks, and a detour to Great Basin National Park Check-in location: Anywhere along the route

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